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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Leave a comment with your name (first name or blog handle), location and blog name and URL.


Our Daze in the Desert - Arizona Mamma (aka Shannon)

Our Journey Through LIFE! - Elizabeth in Yuma

Impressions of My Life at the Moment - Michelle

Worley House - Andrea


  1. Hi there! Great idea. Arizona Mamma here from Our Daze in the Desert.

  2. Howdy! I am with great company...I also follow AZmamma. Always nice to see a familar face in the blog world.

    I'm Elizabeth @ Our Journey Through LIFE!


    I found your site through reading Cat @ http://juggelingactoflife.blogspot.com/ I just loved reading about South Africa.

    Can't wait to get started reading of other places. I hope to be inspired to write a post about Yuma, AZ.

  3. Finally finished the blog of our neck of the desert.


  4. Hi :) My name is Michelle and I have two blogs.



    I live in Arizona!

  5. I'm Andrea, a native from California, who grew up in Iowa, now living in Arizona! Visit our blog Worley House http://andreaworley.blogspot.com

  6. Hi there, a new follower from NY who travels with her kids. Right now I'm blogging about our AZ trip. Feel free to check us out at http://www.500placeswithkids.blogspot.com

  7. hello im andrew and i have blog ставки футбол ...read it ..mb you will find it interesting.