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Friday, March 11, 2011

RE-Visiting: Boston!

While Meppie and I are on sabbatical, I thought we'd take a look back at some of our fantastic past tours. If you're visiting for the first time, please still leave a comment! And if you're interested in hosting your own tour, please leave your information under your location in Destinations.

Having visited Boston at least twice a month for two years while my hubby (then boyfriend/fiance) lived there, I admit that I thought I had the city figured out. I've walked along the Charles River, tried to feel smart in the bookstores of Cambridge, hit the Freedom Trail, overeaten delicious Italian food in the North End, visited bars all over the city, reveled in the accents, and used three pages of Mapquest directions to drive to a Circuit City that was 1.5 miles from my hubby's apartment.

But there's even more greatness* to Boston than I knew . . . You will love today's blogtrotting tour of Boston's Chinatown, brought to you by Momisodes in honor of the Chinese New Year. She knows where the best buns and pastries in Boston can be found. You and your growling stomach will love this tour! Happy Chinese New Year!


Please leave a comment to let Momisodes know how much you enjoyed her tour of Boston and please check out her fantasically-designed blog while you're there. I just love the creativity of her Momisodes concept.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Charmed City

I've lived in Baltimore for 15 years. I've done a fair amount of sightseeing of my adopted home in that time. But I suspect that like so many longtime residents of a place, I've become complacent here. I drive past the landmarks without really seeing them. I rarely visit the renowned cultural institutions. Months will go by where I don't see the Chesapeake Bay, fingers of which stretch within miles of my home. The truth is, though, that this little town of ours has a heck of a lot to offer.

Our featured bloggers today, Megan and Lauren, have a keen eye for aesthetics, fashion, decorating, food; basically all things cultural. I am absolutely agog to see how they serve up our fair town. I just know they will make every single one of you wish you could move here. Or at least visit so we could hit all of the fun places they describe. So let's go see them!

Charmed City

Please leave Megan and Lauren a comment and thank them for the tour!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Riding Through Virginia

We're back from our long holiday break. I hope all of our US BlogTrotters had a pleasant Thanksgiving. But now we're back on the road and heading down to the great state of Virginia. We're visiting a blogger who lives in the Appalachian Mountains in the southwestern part of the state. With a centuries long family history in the area, Sandra raises a rare breed of horses on her quiet farm.

Reading about Sandra's life makes me want to chuck the big city life. I have a feeling my big city husband might have something to say about that, though, so I'll just have to live vicariously through Sandra. In fact, let's all do that as we head on down to visit her at:

Thistle Cove Farm

Please leave Sandra a comment and let her know we appreciate the tour!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Haven In Michigan

We're visiting a truly inspirational blogger today. True to the name of her blog, Chas believes that "our homes are our haven." I couldn't agree more. Her ideal is to find peace so we can achieve the greatest in our lives. Chas approaches all elements of her world as an opportunity create positivity. I can't wait to see how she introduces us to her corner of the world. Let's head on over to see her!

A Woman's Haven

Please leave Chas a comment and let her know how much we appreciate the tour!

Friday, November 12, 2010

She's No Devil

The world is a big place, but tucked away is a piece of heaven. Peaceful and relaxing, Hobart, Tasmania in Australia is pretty perfect...that is if you like four seasons in one day.

Let's visit Jess at her little place in this big world!

Please leave Jess and comment and let her know what corner of the world you call home!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hats Off For Andrew

I suppose you've all noticed that we've been on a little bit of a vacation from our normal travel schedule. My darling partner Mep and I have found that the rigors of daily life, she with three children and I with one who is the equal of seven (who has had chicken pox for the last week), have left us a little overwhelmed. We have struggled to keep up with our responsibilities here while attempting to maintain some sort of regular posting schedule at our own blogs. I know mine has suffered. So we decided to take a bit of a break. We plan to resume a revised tour schedule soon. In the meantime, please continue signing up under your region. We hope to visit you soon!

But I actually have a much more important topic to discuss today: Andrew. Andrew is a beautiful 3 year old boy who was diagnosed with cancer last April. While the tumor was removed, he is undergoing an entire year of chemotherapy to prevent it's return. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is hair loss. To help keep his spirits up, my friend Stacia is heading up an effort to send Andrew hats from all 50 states and around the world. I recently sent off a hat and care package from Maryland, but I know they are still looking for hats from a number of US states and Canadian provinces. Not to mention how awesome it would be if folks from other countries could join in!

I hope you'll take a minute to check out the website and consider being a part of the effort.

Hats Off For Andrew


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pennsylvania Pepper

Today's BlogTrotting tour guide is The Pepper, which keeps reminding me of Dr. Pepper, which happens to be a very much beloved beverage of myself and of Carabee, BlogTrotting queen.

But back to The Pepper who describes herself as a "crafty first-time mama." Her site is under construction, but it's looking great so far. Don't mind the dust as she gives us a tour of Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Wouldn't you like to be with Pepper too?

Let's Go!

Please leave The Pepper a comment to let her know you stopped by!