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Friday, March 11, 2011

RE-Visiting: Boston!

While Meppie and I are on sabbatical, I thought we'd take a look back at some of our fantastic past tours. If you're visiting for the first time, please still leave a comment! And if you're interested in hosting your own tour, please leave your information under your location in Destinations.

Having visited Boston at least twice a month for two years while my hubby (then boyfriend/fiance) lived there, I admit that I thought I had the city figured out. I've walked along the Charles River, tried to feel smart in the bookstores of Cambridge, hit the Freedom Trail, overeaten delicious Italian food in the North End, visited bars all over the city, reveled in the accents, and used three pages of Mapquest directions to drive to a Circuit City that was 1.5 miles from my hubby's apartment.

But there's even more greatness* to Boston than I knew . . . You will love today's blogtrotting tour of Boston's Chinatown, brought to you by Momisodes in honor of the Chinese New Year. She knows where the best buns and pastries in Boston can be found. You and your growling stomach will love this tour! Happy Chinese New Year!


Please leave a comment to let Momisodes know how much you enjoyed her tour of Boston and please check out her fantasically-designed blog while you're there. I just love the creativity of her Momisodes concept.


  1. ooh, I had missed this one so can't wait to go check it out. Boston is my favorite city- hands down!!!

  2. Same as mine, Boston will always be my top city destination.

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