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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Charmed City

I've lived in Baltimore for 15 years. I've done a fair amount of sightseeing of my adopted home in that time. But I suspect that like so many longtime residents of a place, I've become complacent here. I drive past the landmarks without really seeing them. I rarely visit the renowned cultural institutions. Months will go by where I don't see the Chesapeake Bay, fingers of which stretch within miles of my home. The truth is, though, that this little town of ours has a heck of a lot to offer.

Our featured bloggers today, Megan and Lauren, have a keen eye for aesthetics, fashion, decorating, food; basically all things cultural. I am absolutely agog to see how they serve up our fair town. I just know they will make every single one of you wish you could move here. Or at least visit so we could hit all of the fun places they describe. So let's go see them!

Charmed City

Please leave Megan and Lauren a comment and thank them for the tour!


  1. Wow, how funny is that? Your post pretty much sums me up as well. MD is my adopted state, I'm between Baltimore and Annapolis, and although I have been here for 7 and a half years, I haven't scraped the surface of all Baltimore or Annapolis have to offer. I'm hoping that my travel writing job will help me scratch it. Glad to be following your blog.

  2. Happy New Year! Ok, off to check out the latest spot!