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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Leave a comment with your name (first name or blog handle), location and blog name and URL.


Just Another Mommy Blog - Tracey in Plainfield

Not to Brag - MEP in Wrigleyville/Southport (Chicago)

Nap Warden - Nap Warden in Lincoln Park

Food and Thoughts - Allison in Mount Greenwood.

MashugaMom - MashugaMom (crazy Momma) in Chicago (northside)


  1. Hi, I'm MEP! I live in Chicago's Wrigleyville/Southport (USA) neighborhood and blog at www.nottobrag.net

    I'm excited for blog trotting and love the waltzing feet in the header!

  2. Hello, hello! I'm Tracey and I live about 40 minutes outside of Chicago in Plainfield. I write about my weird kids and own personal contemplations at Just Another Mommy Blog.


  3. Hey Chicky...you know I'm a Lincoln Park gal:) Blogging at http://www.napwarden.com/

  4. Repping the South Side here... Allison in Mount Greenwood. http://alliecblog.wordpress.com

  5. MashugaMom (crazy Momma) in Chicago- northside of city-
    funny, cute, blog written by a crazy Jewish Momma.