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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Leave a comment with your name (first name or blog handle), location and blog name and URL.

This is the Day - Heather in Lebanon

It's A Small World After All - E... in Loveland

Ma Vie Folle - Sheila in Cleveland

HihoOhio - Catherine in Cincinnati

Rambling Stuff Aka Golch Central - Mike in Cleveland

Here to There - Prasti in Cleveland

Buckeye Five - Buckeye Mom in Dublin (Columbus)

Karen & Gerard Zemek - Karen & Gerard in Parma (Cleveland)

Mike's Place - Mike in Cleveland


  1. I wanna play! Come visit me in Lebanon, OH, a lovely midwest town where I've lived for about 8 years now.

    Heather from "This is the Day"

  2. I'm in, of course!! More love from Ohio, the heart of it all. I'm in suburban Cincinnati, Loveland to be specific.

    E... from "It's A Small World After All"


  3. WHAT? I have to CLEAN UP? Oh good God! lol. Nahhhh, Count me in! I haven't left my porch in years, lol.

    Sheila from Northeast Ohio Outskrits of Cleveland. http://www.maviefolle.com (That's my crazy life...in french. But I'm not french. Crazy maybe. But not french.

  4. Oh, and apparently I spell bad. It's not outSKRITS....doy! Out S K I R T S. ha ha ha

  5. I'm known as "hiho ohio" is wishing to play! I am living in an unique quaint little bubble-burd north west of DT cincinnati. Moved here 18months ago, into a 121 year old home.

  6. Mike of Rambling Stuff Aka Golch Central.

    I can be found at http://mjgolch.blogspot.com

  7. we're in the 216...the CLE...cleveland, ohio :). there's always something going on in this city by the lake.

    blog: www.herethereadventures.blogspot.com

  8. I'd like to join too!

    I blog from a small, rural community just outside Dublin (Columbus), OH.

    Enjoy a visit to my blog!


  9. I like this idea, especially since I don't travel for real. We are from Parma, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

    Karen & Gerard Zemek - www.zemeks.blogspot.com

  10. Mike Golch of Mike's place.I can be found at http://mikesplace2.blogspot.com