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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Leave a comment with your name (first name or blog handle), location and blog name and URL.


This is Worthwhile - Jessica in Austin

The Misplaced Midwesterner - Kim in Arlington

The Casa - Joanna in Dallas/Fort Worth


  1. This is a terrific idea! I'm in Austin, TX whittling away at my sanity in This is Worthwhile.

  2. Now why didn't I think of this amazing idea? Great job pulling it together! I can't wait to join you on your travels around the world. I'm in Arlington, TX, which is right in the middle of the DFW area of TX. So much is always going on around here.

    The Misplaced Midwesterner

  3. This is cool! I'm at www.casadetootiebabies.blogspot.com or The Casa for short.
    I'm in the DFW area of Texas.

  4. OOOOH Jessica - I'm off to read since we're thinking of moving to your lovely city. Just came back from a recon vacation there last week :-)

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