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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grand Ole Opry Town

When I was maybe in fourth grade or so, my dad had to go to a convention at the Opryland Hotel and decided to bring the whole family. Our vacation was at Opryland that year and I remember thinking that the park was cool and that the hotel was maybe the coolest place I'd ever seen. A lifelong lover of country music, I've been back twice since and think Nashville rocks!

So does today's blogtrotting tour guide, Christy from Just Thinkin'. Christy describes herself as as a "mom who thinks too much." How many moms out there can relate to that description!?

Let's go check out Nashville with Christy . . .

Please leave Christy a comment to let her know you visited. If you've been to Nashville, let her know and also let her know what corner of the world you call home.

Come back tomorrow for a trip to the O.C. -- don't be afraid, I don't think Vicky from The Real Housewives will be there!

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