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Thursday, April 8, 2010

NOT Like The Movie

We're visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico today! According to our featured blogger, Robyn, it actually is a part of the United States. I'm not so sure, though, Mexico IS in the name. I suspect a plot by the New Mexicans to infiltrate American society for nefarious purposes. Like finding out the top secret recipe to the famous Big Mac special sauce.

Keep your eye on 'em, is all I'm saying.

Robyn has a great story behind the name of her blog. And she has some awesome tutorials for her fantastic sewing projects. She's funny and creative and totally the kind of gal I would want to hang out with, so head on over to see her:

Additional Jesus

Be sure to leave Robyn a comment! We want her to know the BlogTrotters have been through town! Tomorrow we're heading to the northwest, so get ready for some outdoorsy good times.

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