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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

California Dreamin'

Would you believe we are off to visit another yoga enthusiast? And the two share a further similarity in that the country of their birth is not where they currently reside. Today, we're visiting Savira, aka YogaSavy, in beautiful San Jose, California and she is one deep lady. She tackles some tough existential concepts on her blog. You'll definitely want to delve into her archives.

So let's head on over to see her:

Living Laughing Breathing!

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What are your top five dream destinations?

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  1. I'm following along now after visiting from the YogaSavy blog. It's funny, I just did a post on the city where I live, Las Vegas, which is a feature I do from time to time to get people to know a different side of the city than just what they see in movies and on television.

  2. ooooh, love reading about yoga peeps. off to visit...