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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NOT Musing about Cheese*

I did up a whole intro for our featured blogger today, quipping on Wisconsin and cheese and then I went back and dug up one of our past Wisconsonites (although if I had to pick, they would be called Wisconsonians) and realized that I've already worked that angle. So, no cheese, unless you count the fact that I am actually writing this from my beach vacation, relaxed and lotioned up after a shower where I discovered sand in places I don't want to discuss, whilst I sip a glass of my favorite zinfandel. Which combined make me prone to cheese, of the literary variety.

But I digress.

As previously stated, we are off to Wisconsin today! We're visiting Therese of Musings of a Mom. She's a teacher, of things internetty, and mom, of babies adorabley, and cooker, of things tastity. (See what I meant about cheese?) Before I embarrass myself further, why don't I just send you on over to see Therese. I am quite certain her musings will be far more entertaining and enlightening than these meager offerings of mine.

Musings of a Mom 

Please leave Therese a comment and let her know you appreciate the tour! And be thinking about your Field Trip Friday summer reading list!

*Who am I kidding, I'm always musing about cheese.

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