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Friday, August 20, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Marooned!

I was a Lostie. I think partially because it tapped into a fear/fantasy I have of being stuck on a desert island. The idea of giving up all of the trappings of modern life and living close to nature, as people have been doing for millions of years, has its appeals. It's also scary as heck. Because of that, I would want to have just a few amenities along, namely:

1. Toothpaste. I'm a borderline compulsive teeth brusher. First thing in the morning and after lunch, of course, and I can't go to sleep at night without brushing my teeth. A big part of that is minty fresh breath. I think I can construct a primitive toothbrush out of twigs and such, but I don't think mint grows on desert islands, so give me some Colgate and I'll be happy.

2. Sunscreen. I'm not positive I even looked at a bottle of sunscreen until I was 30. For most of my life, I greased up with baby oil when I was out soaking up some rays. But a couple of bad sunburns have left me more vulnerable and these days I am hyper diligent about lathering up with the stuff. Also, have you been to the beach/pool/gym and seen those ladies that are super duper tan and looked like they were a 100 but you know they were only 40? Yeah, I don't want to be that gal.

3. Flip-flops. Sure, I can probably construct primitive footwear out of leaves but I would much rather have my cushy, comfy flip-flops to protect my delicate dogs from hot sand and thorns. Feet are awfully important, after all.

After putting this list together, I realized I probably should have included antibiotics or knives or rope or something more functional. Meh, that's far too practical. Especially considering my list originally had Dr. Pepper on it.

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  1. I can barely picture an existence without Diet Coke, my ipod loaded full of audiobooks, novels to read, and a pillow with clean pillow case. Obviously, those are "big" things. One not-so-big thing I'd miss on a desert island: q tips. When I need to q tip my ears, I need to do it THAT minute and it would drive me nuts to have no q tips.

  2. I would definitely want a generator and a fan. I cannot stand to be hot. But then again, if my island looked like this one, I could just go swimming to cool off. So then, i would want to take some popcorn maybe. I know, weird ain't i?