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Friday, August 13, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Yellow

When I thought of this idea for a post, the very first image that jumped into my mind was of my bedroom in my last house. It was a hundred year old rowhouse in the Canton area of downtown Baltimore. Like so many of it's kind, it was long and narrow, only 11 feet wide. But what it lacked in square footage, it made up in personality.

From the stained glass windows over the front door and front window that were rumored to be Tiffany; to the original woodwork and moldings around doors, windows and on the staircase; to the pyramid skylight in the center of the second floor. When we did some remodeling where we tore out part of a wall to enlarge the bathroom, we found newspapers dated June 1933, along with a small fortune in square nails.

It was a house with charm. But my favorite room was my bedroom. It had the most gorgeous light in the morning. Facing east, but blocked by the buildings on the opposite street, it glowed in the early hours of the morning. This effect was magnified by the color of the walls: a soft, buttery yellow.

When I bought the house, the walls of the room were white, but it had an interesting ceiling. Floating on the pale blue ceiling were painted a number of cottony, fluffy clouds. I knew that sky demanded a platform as uplifting as it was and I set off to the home improvement store. When I looked out over the sea of color samples, my eyes landed on this yellow and that was it.

I lived in that house for five years. Those sanguine yellow walls and serene blue sky overhead never failed to make me smile.

When we moved into our current house, I briefly contemplated painting our bedroom the same yellow color, but it just wouldn't have been the same.

Smiley. Bright. Happy. Yellow.

So what about you? What does yellow make you think of? Link up your posts or tell us in the comments. Please link directly to your Field Trip Friday post, please!

1 comment:

  1. My first car was yellow. To be specific it was called "Daytona Yellow." It was the yellow they painted Corvettes back then, only I was driving a different kind of 'Vette...a Chevette. Everyone said that car was "me!" It almost glowed in the dark. I loved that car.