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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road to Rhode Island

Today we're BlogTrotting in New England. Time to visit the beautiful state of Rhode Island which is, coincidentally, where my brother works. That's only a coincidence because my brother is sitting across the room from me right now in my parents' family room in Ohio.

Our tour guide today is Nanny Dee, a nanny, mom, and college student. Be sure to check out her recent posts about Sittercity and about tips for crafting effective ads for childcare providers.

Let's go!

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Consider joining us for this week's Field Trip Friday. Our topic: If you were marooned on a desert island, what three things would you absolutely, positively want to have with you? Write up your post and link it up right here!


  1. Hi Cara -- so funny that your brother is sitting near you in Ohio as you write about his connection to RI!

    Thanks for commenting on my RI post -- it was fun to write. You know, Aquidneck Island (now Newport and surrounding cities) was the original Rhode Island, so yes, it is an island! The rest of RI used to be called Providence Plantations.

  2. Hi Mep -- sorry I didn't see your name as the poster of the intro -- checked the "about" page and saw Cara's name and just assumed. :(

    Thanks for stopping by -- they always say it is a small world, but isn't it funny how we are all connected in some way? I really enjoy your blog.