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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cross Roads of America

Hope all of our American BlogTrotters had a lovely long holiday weekend! In Maryland, we had amazingly gorgeous weather and we definitely took advantage of it around my house. It was a lovely sojourn, so now lets get back on the road!

We're off to visit Chrissy in Indiana today. She's a recent empty nester and from the sounds of it, as big of a football fan as I am (although our teams are not the same). For me, there is nothing like spending a brisk autumn afternoon among a sea of fans cheering on the home team. So let's go cheer Chrissy on!

Life's Not Always Fireflies and Hummingbirds

Don't forget to leave Chrissy a comment to thank her for the tour!


And for this week's Field Trip Friday topic:

Describe your perfect picnic. When, where, with whom, what's on the menu. 

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