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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blow Me Away!

We're heading back to the Windy City! I've been to Chicago several times over the years and each time it burrows its way deeper into my affections. It has a big city feel, but with that midwestern sensibility, a down-to-earthness, that is so endearing.

Our visit today is with a blogger who is so creative. You've probably seen her designs all over the internets, including a few of our featured bloggers (MEP's blog, Not to Brag, is an NW Designs masterpiece)! But she's a whole lot more than just a bundle of graphic design fabulosity, she's super funny and warm and she has two of the cutest kids around.

I am certain that Nap Warden will give us a spectacular tour! So head on over to see her:

Nap Warden

Don't forget to leave a comment and tell her what corner of the world you call home! Please, please, please!

Tomorrow we're heading to a part of the country that we haven't visited before. A hint: It is considered the birthplace of television.

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