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Friday, February 19, 2010

Potatoes and Glass Slippers

iAll week I've known that I'd be writing today's blogtrotting introduction for Cinderella from My Life's Graffiti and her virtual tour of Moscow. "Wow!" I thought to myself, "I wonder what life is like in Russia. Probably cold, for sure." Plus, with the Olympics going on right now, I had all these eighties cold war flashbacks.

And then, I visited Cinderella's awesome blog and realized that she lives in Moscow . . . Idaho! I can' t wait to learn more because as a lifetime Midwesterner, I don't know nearly as much as I would like to about the Western United States.

And, can I just say that Cinderella, a college student, is so stinking adorable. Promise me that you will check out the photo of her and her boyfriend (aptly called Prince Charming on the blog). You won't be able to keep from smiling!

So, I just know you are ready to go to Idaho . . .

My Life's Graffiti

Please remember to leave a comment to thank Cinderella for the Moscow tour. And, if you haven't signed up to be a BlogTrotter yet, do it! Spread the word to others if you can (see widget on right).

Enjoy your weekend and come back on Monday when we'll be back in the Midwest. Hint: At least two different towns in this state celebrate "Cheese Days."

Bonus Tidbit: I read an awesome book a couple of years ago that was set in Idaho: All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki. Worth checking out.

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  1. This NC gal has never been to Moscow...or Idaho. Great blog idea. I shall return!