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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Vols!

We're heading to a state I visited for the very first time just this past November: Tennessee. I was awed by the beauty of the mountains and the kindness of the people. Even when I was sitting in crazy Pigeon Forge traffic (and anyone who has ever been there knows, it is unreal), I was surprised by how courteous everyone was. But don't let that deter you, because Shannon is one heck of a tour guide and it is definitely worth it. So head on down to her little slice of heaven:

Welcome to the Nut House 

As always, don't forget to leave a comment and let her know what corner of the world you're visiting from! Tomorrow, we're heading northeast. Keep your fingers crossed that the blizzard that is rumored to be heading that way doesn't bury us all! Here's a little hint:

Toilet paper was invented here in 1857. (And we are all so very grateful for it!)

PS - For those unfamiliar with the Orange and White, the Vols are the nickname for University of Tennessee students and athletes, named for the volunteer soldiers and their significant contribution during the War of 1812.


  1. Tennessee is my TOP favorite vacation spot ever. Great for the whole family, for so many reasons, and I'm blessed to only live five hours away.

  2. Thanks for featuring me today! I hope everyone enjoyed the tour. I'd take everyone out for drinks to celebrate... but my little hillbilly town has yet to pass a "liquor by the drink" law.