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Friday, February 5, 2010

I want to be a part of it . . .

Central Park. Carrie Bradshaw and Co. The Statue of Liberty. Wall Street. Hot dog and pretzel vendors everywhere you turn. Chinatown. 30 Rock. Some of the best restaurants in the world. Grand Central Station. Jon Gosselin's bachelor pad . . . my list only scratches the teeniest, tiniest, most generic surface of what The Big Apple has to offer.

New York City is such an exciting, vibrant place to visit and explore. Great opportunities for walking, eating, and people-watching. I always leave feeling as if I've walked for miles and wondering what it's like to live in NYC.

Today we get an insider tour of New York courtesy of Babe in Babeland--writer, actor, and mother. Please don't forget to leave a comment to let Babe know you stopped by!

Babe in Babeland

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Get plenty of rest this weekend because Monday, we're leaving North America for the day. It's a long flight for a short visit, but I promise the trip will be worthwhile. Where are we headed? Here's your hint: January 26th is a very special day in this (big) corner of the world.

Also, how about three cheers for CaraBee for all her hard work doing the coordinating, scheduling, twittering, and introduction-writing that make Blogtrotting so much fun!


  1. HUGE cheer for Cara! I'm loving this Blogtrotting bidness :)

  2. Yay Cara!!! I love visiting vacariously!

  3. yay for carabee :) traveling around the world via the internet. i love it.

  4. I love NYC!! Can't wait to go read this one