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Monday, February 8, 2010

G'Day Mates!

Today we're going far, FAR away. So far away, in fact, that as you are reading these words, our host for today is already in tomorrow. Known for kangaroos, koala bears and Fosters, Australia also has teeming metropolitan areas, world class cultural institutions and some of the most gorgeous actors*, er, I mean, landscapes in the world. It also has some awfully funny and creative people, like Katy! So head down under and check out her blog:

What Katy Did Design

For a special treat, we'll be giving one of Katy's creations to a lucky reader! It's a 15cm x 25cm (that's roughly 6"x10" for the metric-challenged) matte black vinyl wall decal of the Australian native Fairy Wren. How great would this look in a living room or a kid's room or even on a window? Seriously, this thing is awesome! Be sure to check out her Made It shop for more of her fabulous creations.

To enter, leave a comment for each of the following that you do:

1. Visit Katy's blog and leave a comment. Make sure to mention you visited via BlogTrotting. (required)
2. Sign up your blog under your state or region to be a tour guide. If you've already done so, just say that in your comment.
3. Follow BlogTrotting. If you're already a follower, just mention that in your comment.
4. Tweet (@Blogtrotting1 or #Blogtrotting) or blog about this contest (leave a link to your post in your comment)
5. Recruit new tour guides for BlogTrotting. They must mention YOUR name in their sign-up comment (#2 on this list).

Contest will end Friday, February 12, 2010 at 5pm.

I know you're all going to be crazy jet lagged, but we're turning around and heading back to the Western Hemisphere tomorrow. Here's a hint: 

Natives of this area enjoy eating Fiddleheads. 

*Swoonworthy Aussies: Sam Worthington, Mel Gibson (circa Mad Max), Hugh Jackman, need I say more?


  1. I visited Katy! And now I'm jonesing for warm weather even more than before. Seriously lusting at this point.

  2. I visited but can't for the life of me figure out how to leave a comment there, lol. I need fudge.

  3. Okay, so use that first comment as my required one because I did find her blog, lol. I clicked on the link to her picture at first, then the one under it. I'm pretty sure I was just hungry and not actually going blind. (i hope) I think *think* I'm signed up for the Ohio tourguide but I'm not sure if I'm a tourguide or a regular ohioan, lol.

    This is going well for me, ha ha

  4. You forgot Andy Whitfield (aka Spartacus) and his smokin' abs.

    P.S. I follow!

  5. I visited Katy and commented! Thanks for tweeting about this contest Carabee. I wouldn't have found it otherwise. Crossing my fingers I get that cute decal!

  6. I LOVE this! What a great giveaway. I've actually been shopping for wall decals for the baby's nursery since her bedding is all birds :)

    I'm off to visit Katy.