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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Greece Is The Word!

After our visit to sunny Australia, we're heading halfway around the world to the Mediterranean. Our destination today: Greece. Our tour guide: Loukia. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, but she spent a portion of her childhood in Greece and visits frequently now with her family. Soaking up the thousands of years of history, the beautiful architecture, the lush landscape and lets not forget about the FOOD! I just know you're going to love her. She's funny and honest and touching and has really great taste in shoes and handbags. And I'll bet she's one heck of a tour guide! So head on over to see her at:

Loulou's Views

Be sure to leave a comment and let her know what corner of the world you're visiting from! Tomorrow, we're heading back to the US. We'll be continuing on with another sunny destination. Since I am currently enjoying about 25 inches of snow, with 12-20 more to come tomorrow, I know I can use the Vitamin D. A hint:

It was the last contiguous US state admitted to the union.

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  1. Although I do love Ottawa, I wrote about Greece... my second home!

  2. Cara, this was awesome. You guys are doing a great job.