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Monday, February 15, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

When I think of Colorado, I think of mountains, fresh air, Coors Light, and lots of physically fit, rosy-cheeked, outdoorsy people who prefer to hiking to watching television. I've only been to Colorado twice so I could be totally wrong about what life is like there.

We'll see if today's tour of Colorado will confirm or explode my cliched impressions of this great Western state . . .

Today's guide is The Joyful Housewife, whom I already consider a kindred spirit since she describes herself as suffering from Chronic Disorganization Syndrome. I also enjoy the playful and honest spirit of her tagline: Domestic Bliss, Eventually.

So, are you ready to blogtrot? Let's go!

The Joyful Housewife

Enjoy the tour and please remember to leave a comment to let The Joyful Housewife know you stopped by.

Check back again tomorrow. Where are we headed? Hint: The Duggars aren't the only things worth counting in this state!

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