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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Curling Bonspiels and Gymnastics Meets

Today we're visiting KJ in Minnesota. This is a state that has elected Al Franken and Jesse Ventura, arguably two of the most colorful politicians in recent years. However, Minnesota is probably best known as the "land of 10,000 lakes." With all of the beauty and wonder that implies.

KJ is one busy lady: a gymnastics mom (which I hear is harder core than the soccer moms and the hockey moms combined), curler (the first real person I've ever "met" who participates in this sport!), golfer, photographer, artist, scrapbooker, and the list goes on. I'm betting she has some great tales to tell!

Letters from the Loony Bin

Don't forget to leave her a comment so she knows the BlogTrotting crew have been to town! Be sure to stop in tomorrow, we're taking a BIG trip. A hint: This country produces about half of the world's gold.


  1. How fun is this?!!

    If she's from MN...certainly she must be my neighbor!!!

  2. This is so cool!