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Monday, March 1, 2010

Deep in the Heart . . .

As a country-music loving teenager who fancied herself a suburban cowgirl of sorts (the kind with no horses), I always wanted to visit Texas. I still do and cannot believe that, excepting time spent in the Dallas airport, I've never experienced Texas for myself.

That's why I am so excited for today's blogtrotting visit to Austin, TX, brought to us by Jessica of This Is Worthwhile. Austin has it all, right? Music. Film Festival. Theater Scene. Fabulous Food. University of Texas. A movement to "Keep Austin Weird."

So, let's go!

This Is Worthwhile

While you're visiting, be sure to check out Jessica's previous post about her blogging tribe. I love her great attitude about supporting other bloggers! Remember to leave a comment to let Jessica know you stopped by.

Join us tomorrow as we head to a state where accents can be strong, yet sound nothing like those in Texas. Hint: This state had no income tax until 1976.

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