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Friday, March 5, 2010

In my mind I've gone to Carolina . . .

I feel like a few years ago, I was always hearing about people wanting to move to North Carolina. I'm not questioning that desire because, after all, the state has a lot to offer -- the coast, the mountains, a moderate climate, Southern charm . . .

Plus, some of the coolest people in my life live there, including my youngest brother, his girlfriend, and my friend Kevin (who has thrice been asked to leave performances of Les Miserables for becoming overly, disturbingly emotional to the point of scaring other theatergoers).

Today's tour of North Carolina is brought to us by April of Cup of Delight, a delightful blogger who describes herself as "a woman in process" -- great phrase, right?

Let's head to Greensboro!

Cup of Delight

Please leave a comment to let April know you stopped by!

Enjoy your weekend and get plenty of rest so you're ready for Monday's blogtrotting tour. Hint: One of the largest public corporations in the world is headquartered in this state.

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