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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Like Florida in the Springtime

Mine was one of the thousands of families that sojourned (by van, of course) from Ohio to Florida every April for spring break. As a result, I always associate Florida with Easter candy, the month of April, and happy memories with family and friends.

Florida is a place to escape the "everyday world" for some and is, in fact, the "everyday world" for others. I love learning more about real life in Florida. How about you?

Today's tour guide is Denise. As the name of her blog implies, she's go go go. In her words, "some days are a blur." Let's join her in Land O' Lakes, Florida . . .

Please leave Denise a comment to let her know you stopped by and share any of your own Florida memories.

Stay tuned for more Blogtrotting tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for featuring me and the Tampa Bay area today! I enjoyed visiting through the area and finding old pics to showcase some of my favorite spots and memories. My post is up now. I apologize for the delay and can't wait for y'all to trot on over. :-)