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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BlogTrotting Together

We'd like to try something new. We know that so many of you have great stories and we want you to share them with us. So we're going to do BlogTrotting Together. We'll post a topic related to travel and you write a post and publish it on your blog on Friday. We'll have a McLinky so everyone can link up their posts. Be sure to include the BlogTrotting widget in your post!

This week's topic: Your favorite vacation. Where, when, how, why, faux pas, serendipitous events. Whatever made it special to you, we want to hear about it.

So start thinking about your posts and come back Friday morning to link up! Can't wait to see your stories!

*I think I have an exclamation point addiction!


  1. I like this idea!

    And I like exclamation points!

    Off to think about my post!

  2. I totally have an exclamation point addiction!!!!!!!

  3. How do I get in on this? Do I email you the post or just a link to my post?