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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dryer Lint and Dreams

We're off for a very special tour today. We're visiting not one, but two bloggers. Kristin and Chris Ann co-pilot the uber-awesome blog LoveFeast Table. Kristin is in Baltimore and Chris Ann in Minneapolis. Friends for more than 14 years, these two are now separated by a thousand miles, but their connection is as strong as ever. They've laughed, cooked and traveled together, sometimes all at once. They began their blog as a way to document their adventures and they do a pretty fantastic job of sharing their passions for food, art, family, friendship and all of the other great things in life.

Kristin and Chris Ann are going to take us along on a fabulous trip the pair and their families made recently to Italy. So let's get going!

LoveFeast Table

Please leave Chris Ann and Kirstin a comment, let's give them a love bomb, BlogTrotting-style!

1 comment:

  1. You ladies are the bomb!! Thanks for letting us participate in one freakin-brillant-idea-for-a-site!! We know it will go places!
    We'd love to come back in the future! It'll help feed our need to travel! ;)
    At the Table,
    Chris Ann and Kristin