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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Love You Get Is The Love You Give

As those of you who have been featured know well, a lot of effort goes into the creation of each of your tour posts. Research is done. Photographs are taken. And as bloggers, we all know how much we love comments. They are our lifeblood. Every single time I get an email that says "New Comment", I get a little thrill. Someone cares! They think what I've written is important enough to let me know. To share their own experience or opinion. 

But I know that everyone is busy. There are school field trips to chaperon and playdates to attend. Family celebrations to prepare for, presents to be bought. There is work and husbands and friends. There are a million and one obligations and distractions in every day. So I think everyone understands when people don't have time to visit all of the featured blogs. However, the number of comments our featured bloggers have been receiving lately has made me very sad.

So I would like to take today to revisit the featured blogs from this past week. Talented writers all, they deserve a second shout out. And a little more love. You don't have to visit all of them (although if you want to, that would be SPECTACULAR!), but please pick one or two to visit and say "Hi! Thanks for the tour!"
Life... With Five Monkeys - Mays Landing, New Jersey

O'Leary Crew - Seattle, Washington

New England Through Yummy Mommy's Eyes - Concord, New Hampshire

LoveFeast Table - Italy

Perfect Welcome - Paris, France

Thank you to each and every one for being a part of BlogTrotting. It gives me great pleasure to see the wonderful posts that you all create and to be able to spend a few moments in your world.

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