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Friday, June 11, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Passport to Peevishtown

Hubby and I were long distance for four years which required many flights and road trips. We were also fortunate to travel quite a bit in the early years of our marriage, mostly for fun with and/or to see friends. Truth be told, I don't do a lot of traveling these days beyond loading up the van and driving around the Midwest to visit family.

Rest assured I won't let my at-home lifestyle stop me from sharing my list of travel pet peeves.

MEP's Travel Pet Peeves (in no particular order)
1. I don't recline my seat on airplanes because I don't think reclining makes the flight much more comfortable. Why compromise the space of the person behind me if I don't need to? You can feel free to recline your seat, but please, if your child reclines his/her seat to the full extent, please make sure that child is reclining and not leaning forward and playing on his/her DS. Thanks.

2. "Someone" (not me, of course) forgets to charge the portable DVD player and/or fails to bring the appropriate adaptor, plug, or batteries.

3. I admit that I have rarely been in the following situation, but I do not enjoy traveling with people who are unwilling to stop as often as I need to stop. If I need to pee, I just want to pee. If I want a fountain Diet Coke, I want a fountain Diet Coke. I'm not talking about stopping every hour, but "making good time" does not have to mean "avoid stopping at all costs, nevermind the discomfort of the passengers." Related to this pet peeve is traveling with people who don't want to stop for fast food. If you want to pack your meals and snacks, go for it, but I like to eat French fries on the road.

4. People who sneak up the shoulder during traffic jams.

5. Drivers who enter the EZ Pass toll lane when they do not have an EZ Pass. I know it can be an honest mistake, but try to look at the signs and choose the ones that say "cash."

6. Husbands who refuse to stop at Cracker Barrel.

7. Husbands who sigh loudly when packing the car because "someone" (me?) should "really learn how to pack more efficiently."

8. Packing bags for children when you can't predict what weather, culture, and social occasions will present themselves upon arrival at the destination. More than that, having to remember every darn thing that kids need from sunscreen to comfort items to infant motrin.

9. Staying at hotels that only offer Pepsi products in their restaurants and vending machines.

10. Passengers who do a "number two" in an airplane bathroom when it really could wait. I understand that sometimes it can't wait, but if it can . . . Read my 2007 post entitled "Here and now . . . really?" for more on this important pet peeve.

* Also, I think Southwest now has a new boarding system, but it used to be a pet peeve of mine that people practically camped out to get a "good seat." Read all about that phenomenon if you wish.

Okay then, what are your travel pet peeves? Share in the comments or link up your own post below!


  1. Reclining seats...I hate it. No 6 made me laugh :)

  2. Nail on the head, mep, as usual! Coke should be mandatory EVERYWHERE. :)

    Also, just yesterday I was fuming rather peevishly when cars kept racing up to the end of a lane that was about to end so they could get ahead of the long, long line of cars who had politely gotten over in anticipation of the merge. I never let those people in. Bastards. (too harsh?)

  3. Reclining airplane seats ... They should just ban those. It doesn't make sleeping on an airplane any easier, and isn't it cruel and unusual to give the person behind you even less space for their knees??

    Also, gorging yourself on chicken McNuggets is practically a car-trip rite of passage. Who would deprive a traveler of that? =>

  4. Husbands who don't stop at Cracker Barrel on a road trip? That's grounds for divorce right there.

  5. My pet peeves? The Cattle Call, i.e. load them up and head them out at Southwest. Honestly. How much trouble would it be to actually assign a darn seat!!

    Next, elecectronic devices. I think they are wonderful ways to occupy children on planes. PLEASE do not bring them out until we get the 'all clear' -- little ones do not understand the 'wait just a little bit, until we get in the air'.

  6. um, yeah. And on EVERYONES pet peeve list is the fact that I cannot spell electronic.