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Friday, June 18, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Top Five Dream Destinations

I love to travel, obviously. I've been on some pretty amazing trips, but there are still a lot of places I haven't been. Like, oh, five other continents worth. I really do hope to get to all of these someday. It may take a lifetime, but I'm going to make it happen.

My top five dream vacation destinations:

1. Egypt - I have been fascinated by ancient Egypt for as long as I can remember. The collossal memorials to their leaders. The legends and curses. Stinky camels.

2. Moscow - I am a child of the cold war era. In fact, I lived in Germany when it was West Germany. I saw the wall and was very much aware of the secrecy behind the "iron curtain." Perhaps that's why I am so intrigued by this formerly forbidden country.

3. Rio De Janeiro -There's just something so sexy about Rio. Visiting Carnival is definitely on my bucket list.

4. Hong Kong - I've never been to any part of Asia and maybe this is jumping into the deep end, but Hong Kong seems to be such a vibrant blend of old world customs and modernity.

5. Venice - Although I have been to Rome, and what a trip it was, I have not visited any other part of Italy. I have always wanted to visit the city of canals. Riding around in a gondola, while my honey feeds me grapes. Bliss.

How about you? What are your top five dream vacation destinations? Respond in the comments or link to your post below!


  1. My 5 top destination would be countries I have not been to
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  2. That photograph of Rio is amazing! I'm going to try to get a post together about my destinations, but they are a lot less adventurous than yours. I'd like to see the lands of my heritage -- Ireland and Germany -- and I'd like to visit Rome. I'd like to see Prince Edward Island, home of my beloved Anne of Green Gables. I'd like to return to England, Scotland, and France if I get a chance and enjoy not being there on a student budget.

  3. The top 5 places that I've not yet visited:

    I'd also love to return to Germany, Italy, and Framce. I was 16-17 when I lived in Europe and got TONS out of it, but I'd like to return with my husband and kids!

  4. That would be "France," not "Framce!" I'm not sure where that is!

  5. Those are lovely destinations- I'm always so content to go to Cape Cod over and over, but Australia is on my list because I sooo want to see a duck billed platypus in the wild :)