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Friday, August 6, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Shandy Not Sandy

My favorite red zinfandel on a hill in Napa Valley.

Strongbow Cider with views of Notting Hill and Edinburgh Castle (not with the same mug!)

Margaritas on the rocks with salt with views of my Chicago neighborhood.

A cold Miller Lite and Notre Dame Stadium in sight.

Tom Collins and views of Midwest wedding ballrooms in the late 90s.

Cheap (but French!) red wine with the Eiffel Tower about a hundred yards away.

DosEquis on the beaches of Cancun with mayhem all around.

Years and lifetimes ago, it seems.

In the past few years, I have not had the freedom to do much traveling or, thanks to pregnancy and breastfeeding, much "drinking." We won't be visiting any beaches or landmarks this summer. With a four month old at home, there won't be many (any?) nights out. I do miss the opportunity to relax, celebrate, and savor a moment with friends, loved ones, and a lovely adult beverage. Such opportunities are rare for me, but I'm going to create one tonight.

After an extremely tough and emotional six months of trying and failing to sell our house, we have committed to our Chicago city life for another year.

My hubby has been traveling for work for the past three days and arrives home tonight. We're going to sit on the deck and enjoy the view of our own backyard. We're going to try some Summer Shandy (a beer/lemonade mixture) and toast in celebration of and recommitment to the life we have here and now in this home, to the beautiful children asleep inside its walls, to the lovely summer evening, and to whatever views and toasts our future holds.

Tell us about you, your view, and your "brew" . . . Link up your post below! Cheers!


  1. The only favorite brews that I like now is Soda pop(diet)Coffee.I enjoy looking out the side of a covered bridge and watch the world go by.

  2. So that's what Shandy is? huh, pretty interesting! I applaud your recommitment to the life you have in . I'm sure it's hard to try and reach for something else only to come back to what seems the same old- nothing is ever as it seems though, is it?! I wish you lots of strength and luck over this year!!!!

  3. A cosmopolitan at a sidewalk cafe in New York City. Yep, I lived that one this past weekend. Good times. Missed you!