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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Missouri Waltz

When I moved to Baltimore, I drove here from Kansas. One of the great highlights of that unbelievably long (and mostly boring) drive was seeing the St. Louis Arch. Any attempt I might make to convey the size and majesty of that symbol would no doubt fall flat. Suffice to say that it is an incredible monument. One that I am sure our featured blogger, Mrs. B, will do a much better job of telling you about.

So let's head on over to see her!

She's Star Crossed

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  1. We zipped through St. Louis on the way home from our road trip a couple yrs ago. It IS huge! Very cool! I'll go read now. lol

  2. That was a fun visit! She featured some great places. Would love to see the city museum and botanical gardens! Oldest son and I went to the top of the arch many years ago... yep, it sways. LOL!