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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where the desert meets the mountains . . .

I totally stole this title from today's tour guide, who totally stole it from something she heard while watching the Olympics. Where does the desert meant the mountains, you might ask? The answer is Reno, Nevada. Like most Americans, my familiarity with Nevada begins and ends with Vegas so I am fired up to learn more about Reno.

All I know right now are the lyrics to the old Doug Supernaw song, "You know the lady's a lot like Reno / She ain't got a heart / And she don't care when you're down . . ."

I can tell from checking out Lauren's blog that she does have a heart (she crochets for the Humane Society) and that she is familiar with the desert and with dessert (her blog features CUPCAKE MONDAYS -- woo hoo! check out this week's rainbow cupcakes).

So, let's go to Reno:


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Keep rolling the dice with us tomorrow as we stay in the American West. Hint: This state is one of the most religiously homogeneous states in the U.S.

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