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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Va Va Va Voom Vancouver! (Updated!! Her post is up!)

Don't ask me what I'm trying to suggest by the title above. Nothing. I just liked it.

I have been wanting to visit Vancouver for years, even more so now that my cousin lives there. I hear rave reviews of the people, the vibe, and the natural beauty. I'm really excited for today's virtual tour of Vancouver.

Shana of So Not Zen is our tour guide for today. Make sure you check out her haikus about moving into a townhouse -- hilarious. Notice as well that she also has a food blog called Rotisserie Chicken Is the New Black. Love that.

So don't be a chicken, go visit Shana and Vancouver . . .

Please leave Shana a comment! Also, consider joining us and linking up your travel pet peeves post for Field Trip Friday.

Also, if you have a minute, check out my cousin's website. She's a Vancouver-based (BC not WA) photographer who does amazing work, soon to be featured in British Columbia Magazine.


  1. Great title...heading that way now!

  2. she seems to have forgotten it is her Blogtrotting day...no post up :(

    Should have asked me. I live just outside of Vancouver LOL

  3. This may be a silly question, but do you know that the Vancouver that your cousin lives in is a different Vancouver than where Shana lives?

    Shana lives in my hometown of Vancouver, Washington. Your cousin lives 350 miles to the North in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Both are beautiful places to visit though!

  4. I'm here! I'm here! Blog post is up. And yes, it's coming to you from Vancouver WA, a few hours south of Vancouver BC. Hope you can stop by and take a peek : )

  5. Ahhh, well now you need to do one for the OTHER Vancouver :)

    Off to check out that one in Washington ;)